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These documents are more or less technical in nature, so if you're a Windows user I'd give up now. Except that some "fluffyness" seems to have crept in somehow.

Exim: Blocking Mail on HELO parameter
An ACL snippet to implement a mechanism in Exim4 for blocking servers based on their connection announcement name.
Exim: Blocking Windows executables
How to block Windows executables with Exim+Exiscan.
Exim: Testing a New Configuration
A reminder to dumb system administrators (me) of the command to use for testing a new configuration file.
Exim: Various Tests On The HELO Parameter
A number of ACL snippets to perform a number of checks on the parameter given to the announcement name.
Fedora Core 2: Unable to open /dev/cryptonet
Just remove the hwcrypt RPM!
Firefox: Proxy Settings
My preferred values for "No proxy for".
Filesystem Benchmarks
A simplistic testing of various Linux filesystems to determine the best choice for web caching (and other applications that result in predominantly small files).
Gentoo Linux: Category INFO missing
Fix for an error that I seem to bump into at the wrong time.
Gentoo Linux: Installation on an Acer Ferarri
Notes on installing on my laptop.
IRIX Build Notes
Personal documentation on building a few open-source packages under IRIX.
Notes on IRIX peculiarities.
Reject not Bounce
A plea to avoid contributing to malware and spam distribution by allowing mail servers to reject mail with an appropriate error rather than bouncing an error message.
SGI Octane: Controlling the Fan Speed
How to increase the speed of the fan in your Octane, and more importantly (if you don't have ear defenders) how to slow it down again.
Solaris: Controlling Network Interfaces
A cheat sheet on controlling network interfaces including how to disable auto-negotiation on Sun Solaris systems.
Spam Report
A graph illustrating the amount of spam I receive at home.
Toshiba Magnia SG20: Installing OpenBSD
How to install OpenBSD on the SG20.
Why Mailservers with underscores don't work
Some mail servers are given names with underscores which can result in mail being blocked from them. This explains why underscores are not permitted and why some mail servers have started blocking them.
Worms and Viruses
A quick explanation of the difference between a worm and a virus ... because people often confuse the two.