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Nothing special in here, but someone might find it useful. Let me know if you use anything here.

Script which makes use of hsetroot to display a changing set of images onto two monitors.
Script recurses down an input directory and creates symlinks to all the photos in the output directory plus the date in YYYY-MM-DD fromat (i.e. "output-directory/YYYY-MM-DD/original-filename").
A very simple shell script to keep a Rockboxed device in sync with a local filesystem copy. Improvements welcome.
A Perl script to count up some statistics for photo images using the Exif data.
A Perl script to recurse through a directory and find identical files using MD5 digests. Give it a go ... you might have a nasty surprise!
A Perl cgi script to implement a simplistic "web shelf" where appropriate users can upload files and email a URL as an alternative to emailing large files. This requires some customisation unless your website is laid out precisely like mine.
C program to put a string into a specified position in the file. Not thoroughly tested.
A little Python script to examine a POP3 mailbox and make sounds (usually recorded speech) for specified addresses. Version 0.4. version 0.3
A marginally functional replacement for df written to make a point on improving standard Unix utilities.