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This page documents the amount of spam I'm getting ... in short, far too much.

There are three addresses collecting this spam. Two of which are roughly four years old; the third is slightly more than a year old. The rather simplistic script that generates the graphs (and the associated data) goes through a couple of MH mailboxes to produce the data. One mailbox is populated by SpamAssassin, and the other contains "false negatives".

Above shows the number of messages classified as spam received per day. It shows what you would expect ... spam levels are increasing over time.

Above shows the size (in Kbytes) of the spam received each day. Just shows how much disk space and bandwidth is wasted by one victim.

This graph shows the average SpamAssassin score over time. I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I suppose you might be able to spot when I upgraded SpamAssassin. The earlier periods in the graph are probably periods when SpamAssassin wasn't working, or when the spam load was so low as to distort the result.