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[A Name: Michael Meredith
Normally called: Mike
Age: Old enough
Birthday: 15th February
(just so you know when to send me presents)

I look pretty much like what you would expect a geek in his 40s to look ... fat, hairy, and wearing glasses. Which is exactly how I want it. After all the stereotype wouldn't be much good without a few genuine examples would it ?

My disguise extends to the degree that not only do I spend my working hours doing inscrutable things with computers, but I also have a relatively large home network (5 or so computers) that allows me to do yet more inscrutable things with computers. If you think this makes me sad, then I've got news for you ... I earn my daily bread doing stuff I like to do for fun. Aren't you the sad one for spending your working life doing something you probably hate ?

Of course I don't spend all my time tinkering with computers. Not only is sleep an unfortunate necessity, but reading, writing, listening to music, walking, photography, and watching films are amongst my other addictions.


I was born in Buckinghamshire so I guess that makes my motto "no stepping back" which suits me fine, but I only spent two years living there. I was moved to Hampshire and spent most of my childhood living there both in Emsworth and near Winchester. Except for two years living in New York (state not city) that is!

University took me to Swansea in Wales where I scrapped through a Computer Science degree and after a period of unemployment started working in Portsmouth at the local polytechnic (now University) where I still am.

Other Things

Speaking of music, my quilt is :-

I also have a MySpace place, and a Facebook profile. Also: EyeEm.

I've also been a Linux user for quite a while now :- Linux user#1615